1923 season 2 premiere date: A Paramount+ plan

1923 season 1Is Paramount+ able to make some sort of specific plan when it comes to 1923 season 2 at this given moment in time? It does go without saying, but we’d love some more clarity on what’s happening with the show’s future. We know that there is a season 2 but for the time being, that’s it.

Of course, here is the grand irony with all of this: More than likely, we’re going to understand what is happening with a season 2 of this show far earlier than we are with Yellowstone, which is going through as much behind-the-scenes uncertainty as you are going to find.

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While we cannot sneak within the Paramount+ office to give you directly insight on what’s ahead from their point of view, there are at least a few different things that we can say right now. They are more than likely already ensuring that they have a plan in place for both when this show films (most likely starting this summer), let alone when it airs (we tend to think either December or early January). There are some contingencies that could come into place here and there also, including if they decide to air some other shows first. We also tend to think that there are frequent conversations between the streamer and show executive producer Taylor Sheridan, as this is more or less as collaborative a process as you’re going to find. It almost has to be when you consider that another preview in 1883: The Bass Reeves Story is also in the works.

Does the plan for Yellowstone season 5 impact 1923? In some ways for sure, since the streamer would certainly like to know what’s happening in the wake of rumors around Kevin Costner’s schedule. However, it’s important to know that insofar as streaming goes, the flagship show is on Peacock. Paramount+ cannot control all that much for it.

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