Survivor 44 episode 2: Helen Li voted out over Carolyn

Survivor 44The moment that Tika lost the immunity challenge on Survivor 44 episode tonight, we knew that we were in for something crazy. This tribe was a mess over the birdcage idol being seemingly found — and nobody guessed that Carolyn had it!

Yet, Carolyn felt very paranoid going back to the beach after the challenge, thinking that she simply did not fit on her tribe. The moment she said that, we immediately felt she should play it. Don’t take any chances within this game, even if you play it incorrectly and you don’t need it.

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Back at Tika, Carson seemed to find himself in the middle with Yam Yam / Carolyn on one side and then Helen / Sarah on the other. Carolyn was a target, but so was Helen. What Carson decided could determine the vote, though honestly we’d try to get rid of Carson since he is by far the biggest threat of anyone currently in this group. He’s smart and an obvious fan!

This was an interesting Tribal Council since there was so much talk about all of the players but really, two people (in Carson and Carolyn) were the only two people who really mattered.

What happened with the vote?

Helen was voted out and beyond just that, we saw Carolyn keep her idol! This is a huge move that will solidify Carson’s allegiance moving forward, and we honestly think that it’s right. Carolyn will be seen as the more emotional of the two and with that, he probably thinks there is less of a target that will be on them long-term.

Then again, he had a chance to get rid of someone with an idol … but does saving her really matter? We don’t know if there would be a point where Carolyn’s idol causes Carson to be voted out. This is where things do get a little bit murky … but that’s what makes the game fun!

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