YOU season 4 finale: That Joe, Kate ending explained

YOU season 4The YOU season 4 on Netflix, in some strange way, offered up a little bit of closure to what we’ve seen so far. Yet, is anyone going to be that happy with it? This is where we think there is room for some legitimate debate.

Let us start things off here with the fact that despite everything that he’s done — including kidnapping Marienne and holding her prisoner for the bulk of the season — Joe Goldberg got away with everything. He eventually, after trying to take his own life, admitted the truth to Kate about 1) everything he’s done and 2) how he went about doing much of it. He was about as honest as someone like him can be.

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Within the final stretch of the season, what we also learned was that Kate had a more checkered history than what she’d admitted to anyone — she had done awful things and was doing everything she could to make up for it. She thinks that Joe will help to make her better and vice-versa, and the two can move forward together as a unified pair. Joe recognizes that he has to kill and isn’t closing himself off to that now; yet, he is doing it for the sake of the greater good.

The thing that Kate doesn’t realize is that Joe does not seem capable of changing, or being completely honest about everything that he does. This whole idea feels short-lived, and even if the two are able to accomplish a lot of good together, is that really going to be able to wash away all the bad. That feels unlikely at the moment.

One thing we do know is this: We’re excited for a potential season 5, even if the second part of this season was a total mess for the most part.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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