YOU season 5: Is Marienne returning after surprise ending?

YOU season 4As we look towards a potential YOU season 5 over on Netflix, why not have a Marienne conversation for a moment? After all, this character played a surprising role in the final episodes of the season and now, could be set up to be key through the rest of the story.

Let’s start with the fact that Joe Goldberg had secretly kept her prisoner for most of the season, a part of a psychotic break that he was keeping secret from himself. She is eventually able to escape thanks to a super-secret plan, and is now out there as a part of a giant loose end that Penn Badgley’s character does not know about at present. (Meanwhile, Nadia is now behind bars, a consequence of going against Joe and being found out.)

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Through a lot of YOU season 4, what we heard constantly from Marienne is that she wanted nothing more to be back with her daughter. By virtue of that, it may be easy to say that her story is settled. However, we have a hard time believing that to be true. The idea that Joe is now this power-player and is managing to escape the warts of his past will likely eat away at her, and we could see her emerging at some point and playing a role in his undoing.

For the time being, though, we would argue that a lot of the character’s future will depend heavily on whether or not a possible season 5 is the end. She feels like someone who is a clear part of the endgame, but we will have to see when that endgame is.

For now, we’d say to go ahead and prepare for a Marienne return — at least at some point.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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