The Last of Us season 1 finale spoilers: Bella Ramsey’s tease

The Last of Us season 1For those of you who are not aware for whatever reason, this weekend is going to bring The Last of Us season 1 finale to HBO … and a lot of strong emotions to go along with it. If you thought that this show had already made you feel more emotions than you thought possible, think again.

While we’re not going to include any spoilers here from the hit video game, the ending to it stirred a lot of discussion when it first came out so many years ago. If the show stays somewhat true to the source material, it feels as though it will all over again. There’s a lot that people are going to have to unpack here, and there is certainly going to be a lot of time for everyone to discuss it! While we already know that a season 2 is coming down the road, it appears as though more episodes are not coming until we get around to either late 2024 or even 2025.

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Of course, getting Bella Ramsey to share a MAJOR tease for the final episode of the season is a near-impossible task; with that, this is all the performer had to say on the subject in a new interview with Vogue:

“It’s going to divide people massively – massively.”

Is creating this much division a good thing? We’re sure that there are going to be divided opinions on that, as well, and our response is this: So long as the story itself is well-executed, it’s okay if not everyone feels the same way about an ending. In a perfect world, you are left questioning the actions of the characters, but not so much the people responsible for the story itself. Everything needs to make sense for the world that has been created.

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What do you think we’re going to be seeing over the course of The Last of Us season 1 finale?

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