TNT’s ‘Dallas’ season 2 finale review: Is the ‘who shot J.R.’ mystery over?

John RossBefore the season 2 finale of “Dallas” even aired on Monday night, we were hearing all sorts of promises that we were going to see a conclusion to the mystery that has come up in the wake of Larry Hagman’s sad passing last fall: who shot J.R. Ewing, this time for real?

As expected, this two-hour episode did not exactly opt to go about things in the smoothest way possible. There were some twists, turns, and something that at the end of the day we could never see coming in a million years: it was really J.R. who shot J.R., and this had to be one of his most elaborate schemes to date. (This is saying quite a bit, especially when you consider everything the man has done over the years.)

To make this plot completely work, J.R. had to make it look like something far more than it was. He planned out his own murder meticulously  and then also framed Cliff Barnes for it using some well-placed evidence. This is, at the end of the day, why this moment can be referred to as a “masterpiece”: perhaps the man’s greatest work came in death. Hagman would’ve loved it.

As for one of the other stories that we know people have been waiting for something more on, Pamela is dead. As a matter of fact, she died a long time ago, which is good for fans who didn’t want to see anyone other than Victoria Principal in the role. As for the younger Pamela, let’s just say that she became the victim of the fact that John Ross has quite a bit in common with a certain other man with his initials. Between these two characters, a stage is set for a pretty incredible season 3 for the show … now, we just have to hope that we have an opportunity to see it (especially since Elena has quite a story lined for herself now based on what Cliff told her).

If this was the last episode of “Dallas,” at least it went out in a way that pays homage to both the classic series and the revival. It was fast-paced, exciting, and really gave you plenty to talk about. Plus, it felt like one last standing ovation for a television icon.

What did you think about the “Dallas” season 2 finale? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can take a look at some more season 3 speculation over at the link here.

Photo: TNT

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