How I Met Your Father season 2 drops Lizzie McGuire Easter egg

How I Met Your Father season 2We figured that at some point, How I Met Your Father season 2 was going to reference Lizzie McGuire somehow. What we didn’t quite realize was how brilliant said reference would be.

Early on in this week’s Valentine’s Day episode, we saw Sophie trying to tell a story of various February 14’s from her past, and she she went through her earlier years, we actually saw a tiny clip from a classic episode of the Hilary Duff – Disney Channel series. It was a great way to use Lizzie as a 13-year old Sophie; it doesn’t take away from the story you’re watching, and is a really fun Easter egg for fans of the iconic show.

So how did all of this come about in the first place? Speaking per TVLine, here is what co-creator Elizabeth Berger had to say:

“[The idea] came from the writer of the episode [Amy-Jo Perry], and then we very quickly got a temperature check from Hilary via text, asking, ‘How do you feel about this?’ And she was immediately game … Hilary thinks it’s funny. She did not hesitate for one second. Then it was a matter of combing through episodes and being, like, ‘What’s a great, dramatic, angsty middle school moment?’”

They settled on the right one for a teenage Sophie, and the rest is history.

What is not history? The identity of the Father, which is still floating around out there as a huge enigma. It was not revealed tonight, and by the end of the episode, even Jesse came around to liking Valentine’s Day! That means that every main guy on the show (plus Ian) is still a possibility. Does anyone else feel like we’re going to learn that someone surprising is the Father, only for Sophie to end up with Jesse down the road anyway? Just a guess…

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