The Gilded Age season 2 premiere date: Still on Mondays?

The Gilded Age season 1We think it is probably pretty clear to a lot of people out there that we’re in the midst of a long wait for The Gilded Age season 2. It would obviously be great if new episodes came about sooner, but we may have to wait at least a little while longer to dive back into the world of this period drama.

Want some specific evidence of that? Well, the most obvious bit is the sole fact that as of this writing, no one has said anything about a particular premiere date; we’ve yet to even see any footage! This is even when you consider that new episodes have been wrapped up for a long time. The delay in getting to see them is due largely to HBO figuring out the right spot in the schedule.

So is it a sure thing that the show is coming back on a Monday, no matter where you see it? We certainly understand why this is the prevailing theory out there. It feels pretty clear at this point that HBO is trying to expand outward the number of shows that they air on the night, so why wouldn’t they just think that this is the right spot for a series like this? The big problem here is, of course, the simple fact that it may force them to wait a little while longer to air it.

In the end, though, the network seems to be more than fine with that. If we are stuck waiting until September to see The Gilded Age (which has been speculated), then so be it. We don’t know if it would air any earlier in a different timeslot, unless HBO did something very-much surprising and created an entirely new timeslot solely for the sake of the show. Sundays, after all, already looked to be pretty packed — we have The Last of Us now and later this year, you have Succession, True Detective, and potentially some other shows, as well. We don’t think they would want to air any big-budget show on a Friday or Saturday.

So go ahead and prepare to be patient for Christine Baranski and the rest of the cast; let’s just cross our fingers and hope that the wait is worth it.

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