‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Talla shows she is final 2 material

TallaAt this very moment, Talla is becoming the “Big Brother Canada” version of Natalie from season 11 of the show: she’s someone who, to the other houseguests, is becoming so insufferable that anyone could beat her in the end. Heck, Topaz may have even been able to sleep through the finale and come out on top.

From a TV standpoint, she’s crazy, outspoken, and very entertaining, so we are glad that she has made it further than Topaz, Suzette, or any of the other not-as-entertaining ladies in the game. At the same time, though, there’s a difference between watching someone and living with them. Yet again this morning, Talla continued her routine of doing nothing to help Andrew with the chores designated to them in the Have / Have-Not Competition. Not only that, but he pretty much also had to take care of her and listen to her complain. Andrew should almost just win this game for being one of the most patient people imaginable.

Strategy-wise, it also clearly makes sense to take Talla to the final three, mostly because she’s not going to win any competitions at all. Really, the only way we don’t see her getting there is if Jemmett are able to take each other, which seems probable at the moment. The only thing that could hold them back? A returning jury member. We’re assuming that it is down to Gary and Alec, and either one of them would play their butt off. They would also likely keep Talla around knowing that she is easy to beat.

Do you think that Talla is going to earn any votes if she makes it to the end? If you want to read some more of the latest updates from the “Big Brother Canada” house from last night, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: Slice

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