Is Yellowstone season 5 new tonight on Paramount Network, 3/5?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1Is Yellowstone season 5 new tonight on the Paramount Network? At one point, March was designated to be an important time for this show!

Unfortunately, this is where we have to remind you of one simple thing: Plans change, and they certainly have here. March was when the remainder of season 5 was going to be shot and yet, we’re in a spot now where there is almost no chatter about this at all. There is no new episodes of the series tonight, and we may be more than six months before we see it back.

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The reason for the filming delay is seemingly tied to scheduling conflicts. We know there’s a lot of conflicting stories out there in terms of how many days Kevin Costner is willing to work, and we 100% wish there was more clarity out there on that. Could there be in due time? Absolutely, but we can’t sit here and pretend that things are altogether obvious right now.

What we can say is that over the next several weeks, we do anticipate some sort of resolution coming out when it comes to the schedule. Because everything has gotten so public at this point, we do think there is more pressure out there to ensure that there is some further information out there soon. Fingers crossed that this happens, and we 100% have a chance to look more towards the show’s future with a smile on our face. One way or another, season 5 will come back to the Paramount Network. The bigger questions that are out there right now is whether we get a season 6, or if the Taylor Sheridan franchise branches off to some other thing, one with Matthew McConaughey or someone else at the center of it. (We certainly know that those rumors are out there.)

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When do you think the confusion is going to be cleared up when it comes to Yellowstone season 5?

Let us know right now in the comments! Once you do that, we suggest you also keep coming back for other updates on the entire franchise. (Photo: Paramount Network.)

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