‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ review: Gary Busey’s silent movie experience

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice“All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” on Sunday night was two hours again, and thankfully, this allowed us to see a full spectrum of all things crazy. Australian Gold returned yet again as a sponsor for the task, and the idea itself was great: create a short film for the product.

Before we get started on the ridiculous boardroom policies of one Donald J. Trump, let’s start by saying this: both of the short films shown off during the episode were thoroughly entertaining, and Gary Busey and Trace Adkins each did a fantastic job as Project Managers. It is one of the first times really all season long where we had an opportunity to see two teams work so strongly, only to then have someone come up short.

This is where things really start to get a little bit hairy (and not in the Trace Adkins caveman way). When Trace’s team won for the first time in weeks, the debate on Gary’s team pertained to whether or not the Project Manager or the director of the video (in Stephen Baldwin) should be fired over whether or not the product was good enough … and then, Trump gave Stephen a good ol’-fashioned “gotcha!” question.

With the way Trump pours the praise on Gary, he basically led Stephen into giving the Oscar-nominated actor even more praise with his “wasn’t he amazing?” and “didn’t he do a good job?” questions. Of course Stephen was going to agree! He was following Trump rule #1: tell the Donald what he wants to hear. However, he then got on Stephen later for using the world “amazing” to¬†describe¬†Busey and fire him for it.

Gary was probably the best he’s ever been this week, and we will give him that; in addition, we’ll also say that Stephen and his fundraising failures were going nowhere. But Trump’s firing policies are so strange sometimes, he’s hard to figure out. We don’t mind keeping Gary around for entertainment value, but not having him take any serious heat over being Project Manager was certainly a little strange.

What did you think about this week’s episode? If you want to read where we ranked the contestants prior to the elimination, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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