‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ rankings: Do Eddie and Reynold have a shot?

SurvivorBased on what we saw Wednesday night on “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites,” it is easy to make one assertion: most of the alpha males left this season are screwed. Eddie, Reynold, and Malcolm are all now on the outside without a shadow of a doubt, and they are also down one of two immunity idols. (If you think Malcolm is really going to use his to save someone else, we’re rolling our eyes at you.)

At this point, editing plays a role in the placement of our top three, but we are still considering our standard criteria of strategy, challenge strength, and the perception of the player as a threat.

The rankings

10. Reynold Toepfer (last week: 8) – We feel pretty bad for Reynold. The guy’s playing hard, but he’s also playing like a first-time player who doesn’t really know a thing about what he is doing in this game. Pretty much every move he makes in the game comes back to bite him, and he also doesn’t have an immunity idol anymore.

9. Eddie Fox (10) – He’s really in a similar situation at this point: he has no immunity idol, and given that Reynold played the last one, the Favorites are probably going to be aware that he doesn’t have one to play anymore. Plus, Matt Elrod can probably tell you a thing or two already about how drawing Andrea Boehlke’s attention gets you nowhere.

8. Andrea Boehlke (7) – We actually think this relationship is going to put a bigger target on Andrea’s back moving forward. Plus, it seems to be common knowledge that she’s the real person in charge of Stealth R Us.

7. Phillip Sheppard (11) – Just being Phillip and having a big personality keeps the Specialist from really feeling safe. He could make it to the final three, but no step of the way will we assume that he will make it there given that he has played a much better game this time around.

6. Malcolm Freberg (5) – Malcolm does still have that hidden immunity idol, and depending on how he plays it, he could really get another week or 2 of safety out of it. He’s shown to be pretty shrewd, and nobody probably even thinks he has one now that he snatched up Reynold’s.

5. Erik Reichenbach (6) – Out of the top five on this list, Erik is the one with the most physical prowess. With that in mind, he will eventually become a target a la Carter Williams once all of the “bros” are taken out of the race.

4. Sherri Biethman (4) – Just by virtue of this “double agent” status, there is almost no way that we see Sherri winning this season. However, doesn’t this make her the perfect person to go to the final three?

3. Brenda Lowe (3) – Brenda’s a smart player and is very strong in the challenges, but what is interesting about her edit is that she is being treated like Purple Kelly Shinn, arguably one of the most useless contestants ever. We’re hoping that this edit signals she has something big coming up soon.

2. Dawn Meehan (2) – The reason why Dawn is in a good spot right now is simple: despite lying to everyone, no one has really bothered to try and vote her out of the game. With her constant breakdowns, she’s almost as good of a person to take to the end as Sherri.

1. John Cochran (1) – Luckily, Cochran just so happens to be the person tied directly to Dawn in the game. Everyone likes him, he’s thinking smart, and he’s not a target. Is there a way that he gets eliminated from the game before the final three? Sure, but it’s not happening anytime soon.

Who do you think is positioned well on “Survivor Caramoan” in your mind? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can watch a preview for Wednesday’s new “Survivor Caramoan” over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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