Shrinking season 1 episode 8 preview: Jimmy’s admission…

Shrinking season 1Next week Shrinking season 1 episode 8 is going to arrive on Apple TV+, and it already seems as though things will be very messy from top to bottom.

So what exactly will be the big story at the heart of the next half-hour? We tend to think that it has a thing or two to do with what Alice overheard: That her dad slept with Gaby after the party. She had been walking around carrying this big secret about trying to kiss Sean, only to realize that her dad had a secret far more extreme than her own. The way she found out was also the issue — while Jimmy was having a conversation with a photo of her late mom.

There are some tough conversations that are going to happen across the board now, and many of them could be super-complicated. Alice has known Gaby a long time and yet, never in this particular context. There’s also the fact that all of this happened while she was in the house and both her dad and Gaby kept it from her. This could lead to some big trust issues, and there may not have been all that many people she felt she could trust in the first place. She also had a really hard time letting her dad in again after his extended period of mourning and shutting down.

We are inching ever closer to the end of the season and because of that, we tend to think that the drama here is going to escalate. We hope that there are still a number of funny moments sprinkled in, but this show has the potential to swing in a number of directions. We saw some of this with Paul and his estranged daughter in episode 7.

Are we going to get a season 2 renewal soon?

There’s no doubt that we want it and really, it’s a question now all about what Apple TV+ is waiting for. We’ve already seen that Shrinking is one of their stronger, super-consistent performers already.

What do you most want to see moving into Shrinking season 1 episode 8 on Apple TV+?

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