‘Veep’ season 2 premiere preview: Selina Meyer meets a ‘senior strategist’

VeepBased on what we are seeing in the sneak peek clip below from Sunday’s season premiere of “Veep,” it is not going to take Selina Meyer very long at all in order to have her ego put in check by someone from the White House. So who is it going to be this time? Let’s just say that it is a man effectively just trying to do his job, and could care less about whether or not Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character feels like she is the second-most-important person in the world.

Basically, Gary Cole’s character is a senior strategist similar to a James Carville, and he advises the President on just about everything he wishes to have assistance over. In the clip below, let’s just say that Selina is not altogether pleased with this idea. She becomes upset that someone is having an opportunity to communicate directly with the Commander-in-Chief before her, and she also doesn’t like the fact that she does not get the title of being the first person to walk in and the last person to leave.

While this conversation between the characters is truly funny, don’t expect to see a similar one to play out between Selina and POTUS himself. This show has made the secret President a fun tradition, and we hope that they never give into the temptation to cast someone in the role than have Selina freak out over someone that we have not even physically met as viewers.

What do you think about this video, and are you looking forward to the “Veep” premiere? If you want to see what happened when Louis-Dreyfus met the real Vice-President in Joe Biden, you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: HBO

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