The Blacklist season 10 spoilers: The Siya, Reddington dynamic

The Blacklist season 10 artAs we get further and further into The Blacklist season 10, we know that will come with a chance to learn more about certain characters. In particular, we mean that when it comes to Siya Malik!

Based on everything we’ve learned so far about Anya Banerjee’s character, she is clearly smart and capable at her job. She also does not suffer fools. She may still be relatively young, but she was forced to grow up at a pretty young age following the death of her mother Meera.

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So what does Banerjee have to say about the dynamic between Siya and Reddington in particular? Let’s just say there is a lot to unpack here! Speaking in a new interview with NBC Insider, here is some of what she had to say on the subject:

“I think there’s a lot of moral ambiguity there … She’s here to carry on the good work that her mother started, obviously becoming an agent herself. She’s there to make a difference in the world, take down bad guys. And Reddington is a a pretty big complication there, given the fact that he is this first class criminal.

“She has to walk a fine line between doing her job and helping the Task Force, and also learning from Red what secrets he might have about her own mother. So it gets very interesting and tricky there between them.”

Ultimately, we still wonder a lot about what Siya is going to find out concerning Meera, mostly because her death was messy and complicated. It came amidst the Berlin storyline, so how is there going to be real justice there? Well, she may at least not understand fully just how dangerous being around Reddington could be … though we are pretty sure more insight will be revealed here in due time.

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