‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ rankings: Are Penn Jillette, Marilu Henner the leaders?

All-Star Celebrity ApprenticeThere’s something to be said for consistency, and at the moment “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” has it. Whether it’s thanks to the editing or the performances of the remaining stars, it just seems as though there is a pretty clear pecking order of the next three people likely out. From there, things start to get a little bit more interesting, but there are a couple of people (namely a country singer and a former soap star) who need to step up their game if they want to make it into the finale.

Our rankings are like Donald Trump’s boardroom decision: there’s no real definite criteria for it. We just go by editing, how well they are performing in the challenges, and whether they are someone Donald wants to see in the competition at the end.

8. Gary Busey (last week: 8) – At the moment, Gary’s just the weakest player in the game; not only that, but he’s going to be Project Manager Sunday night. While it’s possible that he could find a way to survive, this really feels like it is prime time for the show’s biggest personality to be sent packing, just as Dennis Rodman met his end last week.

7. Brande Roderick (7) – She’s not a bad player by any means, but she is the worst contestant on a team of just three people. While Trace and Lil Jon have made mistakes, we just can’t imagine either one of them going home for Brande, whose disaster of a task the first week still stands out.

6. Stephen Baldwin (6) – Stephen Baldwin is doing very well for a guy who has raised almost zero money all season long. He’s great in tasks where he can just be given a role and sent along his way; otherwise, he’s a bit of an antagonist and a liability. The best thing Stephen can hope for is Gary Busey to stick around.

5. Trace Adkins (5) – We’ve had all of this talk all season about Trace being a favorite to win the season, and he did do a great job in three tasks. The problem is that we just can’t rank a guy too high that didn’t bother to check the spelling of Melania Trump’s name last week. The country star is lucky that Dennis was the Project Manager, since he may have otherwise been fired.

4. Lisa Rinna (4) – What Lisa has going for her is that she has a challenge win, but at the same time, she seems to disappear in every other task. While this is in some ways a good thing, we are getting to the point where the Donald wants his self-proclaimed stars to shine. Lisa could make it to the final four, but we can’t see her as a finalist.

3. Lil Jon (5) – In many ways Lil Jon is the polar opposite of Lisa. He did lose his one fundraising task, but you can blame that somewhat on his team having Omarosa and a guy in Trace Adkins who’d already used up many of his resources. On the flip side, he has been named the star of his team in a number of tasks.

2. Marilu Henner (2) – Marilu is ultimately the good of Lil Jon and the good of Lisa. She hasn’t lost as Project Manager, and her team has barely lost at all. She’s not someone who is particularly flashy, but she doesn’t make any major mistakes that can be listed out here.

1. Penn Jillette (1) – The magic man still stands to his full height. Penn has to be playing thus far one of the best overall games we’ve ever seen on the show: he’s won almost every challenge, but more importantly than that he’s been a star on most of them, and has consistently put himself in positions where he could not be fired.

Who do you think is the top contender right now to win it all? If you want to watch a preview for Sunday night’s “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” episode, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: NBC

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