‘Big Brother Canada’ debate: Who will (and should) return to the game?

Big Brother CanadaSince the “Big Brother Canada” live feeds, as predicted earlier, are probably going to be down until a little bit later in the day, this seems like as good of a time as any to talk about the one question that is currently driving many longtime fans of the show up a wall: who will be the returning jury member?

We should start by saying that we’re still rather unclear as to all of the details here, including when they will return, if the jury members thus far have been sequestered from each other, and what this will mean for the rest of the players. Our guess that they will enter in time for the Head of Household Competition, which gives Andrew a couple of minutes to decide if he wants to self-evict like he threatened to do when he thought Tom was coming back into the house.

We’re trying to put ourselves into Canada’s shoes when ranking the likely candidates for re-entry, as we know they will likely want someone who is competitive, tries hard to make strategic decisions, and also frankly deserves another shot. Here are some of our picks.

4. Topaz – While she’s deserving to come back since she was completely hosed out a Head of Household earlier this season, there’s no way Canada elects someone back in who spent most of her time sleeping on the live feeds. Also, she’s not very competitive.

3. AJ – It may sound crazy, but our personal vote is for AJ. Why? He was very entertaining, and no one got screwed out of being in the house more than him. He had no chance to campaign for himself or even fight for the Power of Veto, and everyone else in the jury house at least had a shot at one of these two things.

2. Alec – The great thing about Alec is that if you bring him back, you know that he will play the game hard. The bad news? He’s probably the least-deserving of anyone to come back. He threw two challenges, and basically played himself straight out of the game.

1. Gary – Of course, Glitter Gary has to be the favorite. He’s a strong competitor, well-liked by people online, and he also was really put on the block thanks in part to Topaz targeting Andrew. We’re about 80% sure right now that he will be the one voted back into the house, and if that is the case, he could win his way to the end.

Who do you think is going to re-enter “Big Brother Canada”? Be sure to vote in our (unofficial) poll below, and you can check out the latest scoop from the live feeds over here.

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