‘American Idol’ castoff Lazaro Arbos hoping to sing with Cher

Lazaro ArbosOne day after Lazaro Arbos was eliminated from “American Idol,” you have to give the young man some credit. While he didn’t have the best performances and probably should been eliminated a few weeks ago, the guy took a complete beating at times from the judges and the press, and he kept coming back and tried to perform for his fans.

In addition to that, he was pretty impressive in a Q&A session with reporters on Friday, being honest about the experience and trying to make the best out of the situation. He talked a little bit about his hope to be on “Glee” someday, how he was supposedly never in the same room with mentor Jimmy Iovine for any period of time longer than five minutes, and how he didn’t have any regrets about his final performances on Wednesday.

However, what was perhaps the most interesting part of the call was when he said that it was the “goal” to try and perform with Cher during the show’s finale next month. She has been a supporter of his since the very beginning of the season, and given that she does not do many televised performances these days, it would be a pretty big honor for him if it happened.

In addition to sharing a little bit about his hopes to sing with her, Lazaro also explained how the two struck up a relationship in the first place:

“When the show came on, she saw me and she connected with me. She followed me on Twitter and we’ve been talking back and forth since then … I love her songs.”

While we have been hard ourselves on Lazaro at times, we do hope that there are some good things that come up for him and all of the contestants on the show. Now that the competition aspect of things is over for him, hopefully he can sit back now and have a little bit of fun.

Are you going to miss Lazaro at all? If you want to read some more news on the theme for this coming week on “American Idol,” you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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