AGT: All-Stars season 1 finale: Who won, Aidan Bryant, Kodi Lee?

AGT: All-Stars season 1

Who won at the end of the AGT: All-Stars season 1 finale? It goes without saying, but there is a lot to get into here! Of course, there may also be some divided opinions on the subject, as well…

We knew that going into this new show, the odds were pretty high that some point would be divided over the results. It was pretty inevitable with the way that this whole thing was concocted from the start. The way in which the superfans vote is a mystery to even the most avid viewer of the show, and there has never been all that much effort to offer any clarity. With that in mind, we can’t be shocked that we are sitting here as clueless as ever over what we just saw.

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The winner of the whole show is … Aidan Bryant! That part does not come as all that much of a shock, given that he is really talented and he got the final spot on the finale performance show — typically a pretty positive sign.

Where things get more controversial, meanwhile, come in the reveal of the top five: Bryant, Avery Dixon, Ana-Maria Mărgean, Light Balance Kids, and Aidan McCann. How was Kodi Lee not included here? What about Tom Ball or Mike E. Winfield? It felt like Kodi was penalized for being a former winner, whereas the other two were almost too seasoned and professional for their own good. The show made such a point with Mike about a comedian never winning this show, only for him to not even be in the top five.

This has to be the most confusing result in the history of the show and in all honesty, this finale probably makes a good case to never do the whole superfan-vote again. As we noted, this isn’t a slight against Aidan Bryant; we just wish that he was a part of a final lineup that actually reflected what we saw for most of the season.

What did you think about the AGT: All-Stars season 1 finale overall, and did the right person win?

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