Severance season 2 premiere date: Adam Scott on secrecy

Severance season 1It may not be a secret right now that a Severance season 2 is coming, and that the cast and crew are working hard to make some magic happen.

With that being said, there are a few other mysteries that are out there in terms of just about everything else. If you watched the first season, then you might be aware that this is a show that is pretty hard to tease — the plot is so intricate and beyond that, any one thing you say could be interpreted as a spoiler for something else. This is why there aren’t a lot of major teases out there beyond the new cast members who signed on last year.

Of course, what makes everything a little more interesting when it comes to season 2 right now is the simple fact that Adam Scott is being asked about a lot. Why? It has a great deal to do with the Party Down revival premiering on Starz! In a new interview on The Tonight Show, the actor talked briefly about no one knowing how successful season 1 was going to be, and also just how secretive things are at present entering season 2.

Here is just a snipped of what he had to say during the discussion:

“When we were making Season 1, we were like, ‘This is so weird. Is anyone gonna like this or is everyone gonna think this is stupid? … We couldn’t tell. We loved it and everything, but you never know! It just seemed so strange. And now, we have secret scripts and have to use code words when we’re on email. It’s so secret, it’s crazy, and it feels ridiculous … but it’s also great because people want to know about it.”

You can watch the full interview featuring Scott right now over at the link here.

So when can you expect new episodes to arrive?

We imagine that it’s going to take some time still for production to get from point A to point B — filming is going to be done in May. When you consider the time required for editing and post-production, our hope is that new episodes will be out there in the late summer or early fall.

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Do you think that all of this secrecy surrounding Severance season 2 is a good thing?

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