Severance season 2 premiere date: More light shed on future

Severance season 1There is little doubt in our mind personally that Severance season 2 is going to be one of the most exciting releases of the year, and we hope that it lives up to the expectations that we have. Filming is actively going on, and we cannot wait until the day that some more specifics are going to be announced.

Is that something that is going to happen over the next few weeks? It would be great if that turned out to be the case, but odds are, we’re going to be stuck waiting until at least production is over in May. We hope for a late summer / fall release, and there are no real reasons to think otherwise when you think about post-production timelines and how this streaming service does not tend to release all of their episodes at once.

The only reason that we’re getting a few talking points about the show this week is due to star Adam Scott’s role in the upcoming Party Down revival. It is offering a chance for more discussions at least about the process of making the show. In a chat with Collider, for example, Adam reveals that the show is not thinking that far ahead beyond the upcoming season — though there is hope for more beyond season 2:

“Well, I think, like any show, you just hope you can get to the finish line of writing the pilot and then shooting the pilot, and then getting a season and getting that season on the air, and then getting picked up to make more. So, I think the potential finish lines… There might be a finish line at the end of shooting just one episode … [We] made Season 1 not knowing if we would ever make any more, and so the fact that we’re making another season is great. If we get to make more then that’s great too. I think there are variable ideas of where to go with it, depending on how long we get to make it.”

Of course, given how long it is taking to get season 2 on the air, we wouldn’t anticipate a hypothetical season 3 until some point in 2025 — though we recognize fully that there will be plenty of time in order to think about that a little bit further.

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What are you the most excited to see moving into Severance season 2, regardless of when it airs?

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