Mayfair Witches season 1 episode 8 (finale) spoilers: Rowan’s fate

Mayfair Witches season 1

Next week on AMC you are going to see Mayfair Witches season 1 episode 8 arrive, and it is fair to say this one is huge. After all, we are talking here about the all-important finale!

For those of you who are unaware for whatever reason, it is worth noting first and foremost that this is the season finale. There is a season 2 renewal already greenlit over at AMC, but we wouldn’t take that as some sort of sure-fire sign that every major character is going to make it to that point.

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Take a moment to remember here what’s going on with several of the main characters. Tessa is seemingly dead, and Rowan seems to be worse for wear. The aftermath of the attack on the hunters is brutal, and there is one person out there she still has to track down. The promo for the finale showed her collapsed on the ground, and it could be up to Sip and several other characters at this point to make sure she gets to the other side of everything. Remember also that she is pregnant, and that adds another layer to everything. (Then again, so does the presence of Lasher, who Rowan could use as a means to an end.)

For a few more details, go ahead and check out the full Mayfair Witches season 1 episode 8 synopsis below:

Rowan inadvertently discovers her role in a prophecy that’s held the Mayfair family for generations; Sip’s investigation reaches its conclusion, uncovering secrets that could tarnish both Rowan’s family and his role in the Talamasca.

Will there be a cliffhanger?

At the moment, nothing is altogether confirmed … but let’s just say that we’d be shocked if there isn’t one. This is the perfect way to keep people talking!

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What do you most want to see right now leading into Mayfair Witches season 1 episode 8 at AMC?

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