Shrinking season 1 episode 6 spoilers: Jimmy’s big party

Shrinking season 1Next week on Shrinking season 1 episode 6, let’s just say that Jimmy will, once again, but put somewhat out of his element. How is that going to happen this time around?

Well, let’s just put it in fairly simple terms: He’s going to host himself a party! There could be a good bit of fun that comes with that, but also don’t be surprised if this leads to a few different things that end up going awry. This is not someone who is comfortable in his own skin at all, and hasn’t been ever since the death of his wife. His own daughter could be the one who encourages this, which may not be the biggest surprise in the world to anyone. Just remember here for a moment that Alice effectively had to take care of Jimmy during the grieving process, however backwards that may be.

As for what else could be coming in this episode, we imagine that there could be at least a few more personal milestones we have a chance to see featured throughout. Paul has seemingly told his daughter about his Parkinson’s diagnosis, and maybe he will start opening up a little bit more to others, as well. Sean has come somewhat clean about his time in the military, and maybe with that wall down he will start to realize further that Jimmy is not the enemy. He can talk to him, after all, and have it be okay!

In the grander scheme of things, we should note that we’re about halfway through the season now, and we’ve seen Jason Segel’s character do some good for at least a few characters. However, his methods haven’t always worked and eventually, we do think his in-your-face style is going to lead to some enormous consequences. We just hope that he’s prepared for when that happens…

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