‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Talla’s latest blowup

TallaWe’ll start this “Big Brother Canada” live feed update with something that surely many of you saw coming: the (spoiler alert!) Power of Veto Ceremony happened in the house on Monday afternoon, and of course Peter took himself off the block, and Topaz was put up by Jillian as a replacement nominee. Jillian has accomplished a rare feat this week, as she’s probably guaranteed that three people on the jury (Alec, Topaz, and possibly Peter) will never vote for her to win in a million years.

However, we’re not really here today to write a lengthy dissertation about a Veto Ceremony that we all saw coming a million miles away. Instead, we’re here to share a few assorted thoughts about the latest Talla fight. Basically, she got angry at all of the remaining guys over them talking about how much she had to drink last night, and she tried to defend herself by saying that she really didn’t have that much the night that she passed out in the bathroom. (We’ve at least seem some of the taped evidence.) She’s understandably defensive based on the fact that she doesn’t want to look terrible outside of the game, but we’re not quite sure that she will be happy with that she sees.

Nonetheless, this conflict has led Talla to briefly chatting about a woman’s alliance again with Topaz and Jillian, but this isn’t going to happen. For one, Topaz has to be furious still about her deal being broken, and will surely not trust a word she is told; meanwhile, Talla knows she’s better with Andrew at the end of the day, who is her final two partner thanks to their “3 Stooges” alliance.

This blowup should make for good TV, though, if it makes it on the air.  If you want to read some more strategy leading up to the Veto Ceremony, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Slice

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