‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Is someone returning to the game?

Big Brother CanadaAre you ready for some more craziness from the “Big Brother Canada” house? Well based on what is happening now, it appears as though Peter may have found himself another challenge courtesy of Marsha the Moose.

So what happened? Whether it was from our resident talking moose or someone else, Peter was told to plant a few objects here and there to make the houseguests believe that there was a twist coming into the game, and that we would have a returning player for the first time ever. Specifically, that returning player was none other than former Quatro alliance member Tom. His monkey was put back into the Head of Household room,  his shoe polish was found, and most important, his picture was in color on the memory wall while an extra chair was added to the dining room. If this was any other season of the show, it would be safe to assume that there was a major twist entering the game.

However, this is “Big Brother Canada” that we are talking about here! This is a show that really revels in pranks, and this is one of the more brilliant ones that the show has come up with to incite paranoia. (After all, Talla is now afraid of falling sleep.) You could argue that this is the time of the game where strategy should matter much more than pranks, but let’s be honest: this is also when things tend to get boring from an entertainment perspective, and the show has to work overtime to make things entertaining.

What do you think: should the pranks stop at this point in the game, or was this one so funny that you pretty much had to salute it? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can read our review of Sunday night’s “Big Brother Canada” over at the link here.

Photo: Slice

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