The Challenge: Ride or Dies episode 18: Who was eliminated?

The Challenge: Ride or Dies

What happened on The Challenge: Ride or Dies episode 18? Odds are, you probably expected a lot of drama after Horacio and Olivia were forced out. Ultimately, they weren’t going to have a chance at winning after all of her injuries, and now the field is narrowed down to some of the more serious contenders.

Granted, there was still no guarantee that all of them would make it through this episode — which, for the record, sets the stage for the final the following week. Everyone remaining does feel like they’ve got a reasonable chance of winning, especially since they are all pretty darn experienced with the world of the show at this point. These are not rookies, though we don’t know how much that matters when you’re getting near the end of a grueling 100-hour stretch.

Is it easy to say Bananas and Nany are the favorites? Sure, but we weren’t altogether sure that was the case since we hadn’t seen them in action.

Through much of the episode tonight, it seemed like Devin and Tori were in the lead, and the drama was focused a little bit more on Jordan and Aneesa. The latter got a hurt ankle when the two ventured off-course a little bit … which led to more conflict.

Here’s the funny thing

Despite Aneesa’s injury and everything that happened over the course of the episode, she and Jordan are still technically there! You’ll have a chance to see all three of these teams moving forward into the finale, but that doesn’t mean that there are no more eliminations coming.

Of course, we’re not sure that anything moving forward will ever top seeing Nany barf in Bananas’ pocket. Some random, and so good.

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