‘Mad Men’ season 6, episode 1 preview: Six things to expect

Mad MenBefore Sunday night’s “Mad Men” season premiere officially arrives on AMC, we thought it best to share as comprehensive a list as possible of things that you can expect during the two -hour episode … at least without giving anything major away in the process. (Granted, this would be hard to do given how little is out there to begin with.)

The first thing that can be expected is ultimately rather simple: a different sort of setting than we’re used to seeing. Hawaii will play a role in at least part of the episode, as we get ready to see just where Don and Megan Draper are at now when it comes to their relationship. Did Don cheat on her at the end of last season? We can’t imagine Matthew Weiner showing us Don Draper’s life as it is now for two hours without addressing this question.

Now, check out six more assorted scoops on tiny details:

1. The episode will start off with a death, but there is no guarantee that the person passing away is a main character.

2. Betty’s storyline is going to revolve around her taking someone into her home … but is it someone that we have seen before on the show?

3. Don is going to have a new campaign that he starts work on, and here’s hoping that is as engaging as what we saw from the Jaguar campaign last year (we are sure people are still recovering from that episode where Lane tried to kill himself in their car).

4. It takes quite a bit to stir up emotion in Roger Sterling, but it is going to happen here.

5. Joan will be somewhat more adjusted to her new position in the firm, as will everyone else.

6. Pete Campbell’s storyline right now is the most mysterious, but that in turn also makes it the most interesting.

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Photo: AMC

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