Is Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone? A complicated future

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1Is Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone at some point during (or after) season 5? This may be one of the most mysterious situations we’ve seen regarding a lead actor in quite some time, and it does merit a deeper dive.

Here is what we can officially say for the time being: Paramount Network wants him around. They’ve said as much in a statement. Costner is the hit show’s biggest star, and he just won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of John Dutton. These are not the circumstances in which you tend to see an actor say goodbye to a show! Of course, this is not just an ordinary actor; we’re talking about an iconic movie star who already has another directorial project he’s been working on for the past several months.

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The fact that Costner’s already knee-deep into his Horizon film is what makes this whole situation all the more complicated. Nothing feels like a brand-new issue here when it comes to scheduling concerns with Yellowstone. Why are the reports just coming out now, prior to production resuming? That part of the story is interesting, and we should not that we don’t think the actor necessarily wants to leave the show. He just wants to consolidate his schedule; it’s still fair to wonder, of course, if said consolidation is reasonable when you consider the depth of this particular story.

The biggest reason we’re hoping that a compromise is reached, and that Costner sticks around, is that it’s best for all parties involved. If Yellowstone does ever lose its lead, it makes more sense for that to happen after a season as opposed to during it. Meanwhile, what better platform is there for Kevin’s other work than this show and its audience? It’s the reason why we think something will be figured out, at least for the immediate future.

If Yellowstone returns without Costner involved in it, let’s just say we’d be very surprised. We can revisit this conversation at the end of season 5.

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What do you think the future is going to be in regards to Yellowstone and Kevin Costner?

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