The Last of Us season 1 episode 5: Sam and Henry’s story?

The Last of Us season 1For those who haven’t heard as of yet, The Last of Us season 1 episode 5 is poised to be arriving earlier than expected. This episode is currently poised to arrive on Friday if you have HBO Max, and a little bit later for those watching on the linear network.

As for what’s going to make it stand out, let’s just say that this episode serves as a great, further introduction to Sam and Henry, characters who may be familiar already to anyone out there who knows the video games.

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So how will they be presented in the show? We suppose that there is a certain degree of mystery to that still and understandably so. Why would the producers want to give that much away about them as of yet? The promo for what’s ahead relied a little bit more on Kathleen and less on these two, but we know that they will have a pretty seismic impact on Joel and Ellie as they continue their journey west.

One of the things that both the source material and this show have done a great job at so far is really emphasizing that it’s the people who matter the most here as opposed to just the apocalypse. It’s rare to grow so attached to individuals in a world where productions like to focus more on the spectacle, but that’s precisely what we are getting here. Let’s just hope that the remaining five episodes are going to do a good job of living up to what we’ve seen so far — we know the ultimate bar has been set sky-high with the story of Bill and Frank, and we’ll just have to see if we can reach those heights again before the end of this season.

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