NBC’s ‘The Office’ season 9, episode 18 review: The documentary promos arrive

Jim and PamOn Thursday night’s new episode of “The Office,” we started to get a little bit emotional straight out of the gate. Why? We saw some old footage of Michael Scott and some other footage of the show’s nine-year run, as the workers in Scranton had an opportunity to see some of the promos for the documentary for the first time.

So how are they dealing with their brush with fame? It all depends on the person. Andy is hilariously the guy who freaks out over every internet comment and acts like he is a big deal, whereas it is simply makes Pam somewhat nostalgic … and also worried about whether or not Jim has changed since the early days in Scranton. She sat down with Brian, who returned to the show this week, and he delivered some pretty sad news for everyone worried about how much footage got out of the show over the years: the camera crew really caught everything.

This very knowledge of course makes everyone freak out, as everything from Dwight and Angela’s hook-ups to talk about Oscar’s affair with the Senator were all caught on tape. Sadly, we don’t know where this entire story is going to go completely yet, but seeing Nellie prank Andy with internet comments was a great way to tie together the story for now.

The B-story this week was pretty simple, as Jim and Daryl had to deal with a pretty hilarious Ryan Howard, who believes that he can acquire the likes of Darth Vader. Meanwhile, Dwight was forced to deal with some bizarre relationship drama.

As awkward and uncomfortable as these scenes about the documentary were, this was a pretty fantastic episode for the show. It once again cemented that “The Office” is hitting its stride near the end of its run, and even without Michael around, it feels like it is still a great show for the first time in years.

What did you think about this episode of “The Office”? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can read some more scoop on the series finale over at the link here.

Photo: NBC

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