Outlander season 7 premiere date: When to expect trailer

Outlander season 7As we continue to deal with the buildup to Outlander season 7 on Starz, there are of course a few different things to be excited for! One of the big ones is of course the premiere-date announcement, which absolutely sets the stage for what lies ahead. Beyond that, though, there’s also something else to strongly ponder over that’s of significant value: The trailer.

What more can we say about this? Well, this is the typically epic thing that Starz puts out there in order to get people all the more pumped up for the story to come. They are longer than a minute long and contain a lot of new footage. We certainly think that all of the footage that’d be included in a season 7 trailer has already been shot; now, we’re just in the midst of an elaborate waiting game as the premium-cable network figures out precisely when they’d like to release it.

This may not be the most fun thing to hear, but it’s certainly worth noting that they aren’t in any rush. What’s the reason for that? Well, it’s rather simple: They don’t have to be. Typically, most networks don’t want to reveal a trailer until they are a month / a month and a half away from a premiere airing, and we tend to believe that this is what Starz is going to do here as well. Their first order of business will be making the premiere date official, which we think they will do in the spring. (We’re predicting a late June or July start for season 7; anything later than that makes almost no sense.) Beyond this, they can unleash a teaser and then a trailer a little later on down the road.

Right now, we would say that either late May or early June is a reasonable period of time to expect said trailer, which could start with Jamie doing everything that he can to rescue Claire. There is such a dramatic cliffhanger that needs to be addressed here and really, we don’t think the producers will wait too long to tackle it. We certainly don’t think Claire is going to die as a result of this — that’d eliminate a huge chunk of the story!

Of course, remember that there’s a chance we get to different trailers for Outlander season 7, provided of course we have a split season.

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When are you personally expecting to see an Outlander season 7 trailer?

Be sure to share right now in the comments! After you do just that, stay tuned — we’ve got other updates coming on the series. (Photo: Starz.)

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