Tulsa King season 2 premiere date: The worst-case scenario

Tulsa KingWe know that a Tulsa King season 2 premiere date is coming to Paramount+ down the road, and it is all a matter of when.

In the past, we’ve already discussed some potential possibilities for the show’s future, and that includes how we could see Sylvester Stallone and the rest of the cast back later this year. However, a lot of it in the end is also going to depend on when the scripts are ready and the actors are prepared to get back out there. This is why, at least for now, it’s almost impossible to nail down any particular day.

So what could the absolute worst-case scenario be for Tulsa King season 2? We’re trying to think within reason here, as we don’t envision any scenario out there where we are stuck waiting until 2025 to see what is next. Odds are, we will get something before then, and we tend to think summer 2024 is the latest we could theoretically expect it.

Why is this? Well, one of the things that we’ve seen from Paramount+ already is that they really don’t like to have their shows on really long hiatuses. Just think about SEAL team and Evil, which are more or less annual events. Meanwhile, they even found a way to transition 1883 to 1923 in the span of just one year’s time. If we were to follow a pattern set by Mayor of Kingstown, you could argue that Tulsa King could be back in the first couple of months of 2024.

Still, we’re putting summer of next year as the worst-case scenario just because there could always be a few wrinkles thrown in here that are a tad unexpected. In general, this is a world that could have at least a couple of surprises sprinkled in and we have to be prepared for that.

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What are you most want to see when it comes to Tulsa King season 2 over at Paramount+?

What do you personally think the worst-case scenario is for this show? Go ahead and share in the comments! Once you do just that, be sure to also come back for other updates you will not want to miss. (Photo: Paramount+.)

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