‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The battle for the fifth wheel

AndrewNow that we are into the jury phase in the “Big Brother Canada” house, some long-term strategies are starting to make themselves clear when it comes to the houseguests. We have people looking at their strategies on how they can make it to the end, after all, and there are only a few ways in which this can happen.

For Alec and Peter, one of their biggest debates last night was just when to try and take out the Jemmett showmance, and who should be along for the ride. Their plan is to get them out of the house at around the final five, which means that they need someone else in the house capable of winning competitions. With that in mind, it seemingly makes some sense to want Andrew there … even though they are concerned that he is closer to Emmett and Jillian than he would be to them.

In reality, what Andrew should do moving forward is try to make an alliance of convenience with Topaz (provided she stays over Gary, which seems likely) and Talla. These three should know that neither of the pairs in the game are particularly likely to take them all the way to the end, so they therefore are better to join forces against them. (Of course, the problem with that is that Topaz and Andrew have grudges, and Topaz may be clinging to the hope of Alec dragging her to the end, given that he’s more likely to win against her than Peter.)

If you were Emmett / Jillian or the Shield, who would you want to be in the final five with you: Andrew, Topaz, or Talla? And, do you think that it’s possible that both of these pairs will make it that far? If you want to read more about Gary’s last-ditch effort to campaign for votes, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Slice

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