‘The New Normal’ finale review: Did David and Bryan’s wedding happen?

The New NormalAfter a first season that was charming (but also unfortunately a little under the radar), “The New Normal” ended its first season Tuesday night with an event that has been a full season in the making: the wedding of David and Bryan. Being that it also could be the last episode of the series thanks to some pretty woeful ratings as of late, we also got the opportunity to see Goldie give birth to a baby boy named Sawyer Collins.

Of course, there was not very much in this episode that went off without a hitch. For one, both grooms had their mothers try to take control of the entire situation over the course of the hour, which realistically caused most of the planned wedding to be all about other people rather than themselves. There were some pretty great moments still in the last-minute planning process, including a nice Hootie & the Blowfish reference.

Ultimately, the wedding as they planned it did not even get to happen, as Goldie was rushed off to deliver the couple’s child as her water broke just before the start of the wedding vows were read. (A little convenient, but we’ll buy it.) The baby boy was born without any major complications.

So what happened after this? David and Bryan had long said that they wanted to be married before the baby was born, but at this point, they really didn’t have a choice. Ultimately, they then decided to have an impromptu wedding at the beach after Shania had run away for a moment.

Meanwhile, there was also a question as to what would happen with Goldie now that the baby is born. It was actually her Nana who convinced her to stay in California, and embrace her future rather than marrying her ex.

Ultimately, we’re going to miss “The New Normal” and what it brought to TV: while at times it tried too hard to be political, there were few other shows that balanced out humor and heart so effectively. There was always something behind the cynicism besides more cynicism, and we hope that Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler get another chance to launch a comedy in the future. This was a nice hour that tied together every loose end, and in the event the show does continue, we at least know where it would head.

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Photo: NBC

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