‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6, episode 20 preview: A little more of Penny

Big Bang TheoryYesterday, we shared with you a ten-second look at Thursday night’s new “Big Bang Theory” episode, which revolves primarily around the attempts for Leonard, Raj, and Sheldon to be granted tenure at the university. For any educator, this is something that you want … but the way in which some of these geeks are going to try and obtain it is a little bit interesting. However, all this original clip showed us was some of Kaley Cuoco’s skin.

This new clip below manages to at least connect the dots a little bit for us, and prove that the reason that Penny is at the university in a revealing dress is in order to convince some members of the board to give Leonard the extra edge he needs. Sadly, there’s nothing really new here save for a joke from Johnny Galecki’s character at the end.

With that in mind, let’s give you a couple of bonus scoops about the episode to get you more excited about what is coming up:

1. John Ross Bowie (Kripke) and Regina King (the HR director) will each be coming back for their second appearances this season.

2. There will be a few surprises along the way.

3. Howard is going to have an interesting time dealing with his emotions here. On one hand, he is an astronaut, which is something that none of the other characters can brag about; however, he at the same time is also the only one of our male leads without a doctor next to his name, and will not be in contention for this.

Do you think this has the makings to be a great episode, especially since we’re looking at what could possibly be a series of bazingas fired all over the place? If you want to read up on the upcoming Bob Newhart episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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