The Blacklist season 10: Is Megan Boone returning as Liz?

The Blacklist season 10 artNow that we know that The Blacklist season 10 is going to be the final one, that does lend itself to more questions. Take, for example, whether we could see another appearance from Megan Boone as Liz.

Before we dive too deep into this article, let’s go ahead and address the question that is very much on the minds of many out there: We’re well aware that Liz is dead, and we’re not suggesting that she either faked her own death or is some sort of reanimated zombie. There are plenty of other ways for the character to return.

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The most obvious way to bring the character back is a flashback, where we see something that is rather valuable that, for whatever reason, was not included in the first eight seasons. Meanwhile, the second most obvious is to do a dream sequence, one where Reddington, Ressler, or someone else envisions what life would be like with her around again. We know that a lot of people loved Liz and even though she was off the rails for a good percentage of season 8, she did come back around near the end.

For the time being…

Nothing is confirmed when it comes to a possible Liz return. However, we very-much believe that NBC and the producers would love to have her back. Boone does have a good relationship with Sony, as she signed an overall deal there shortly after leaving The Blacklist. Since we’re going to see a lot of nostalgia throughout season 10 and it’s now confirmed that Aram is coming back, we’re hoping to see another notable return or two.

If Liz does turn up, don’t be shocked if it is a total surprise — it’d honestly be more fun if she just turns up that way.

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Do you think we will see Megan Boone back as Liz over the course of The Blacklist season 10?

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