‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: Andrew Lincoln, cast talk new season

The Walking DeadEven though there is not a single clip of footage that is available out there at the moment for “The Walking Dead” season 4, that is not stopping any of the cast or crew at the moment from speaking out about just some of what we could be presumably seeing in the episodes ahead.

In the video (which you can see below), the likes of Andrea Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus, and many more all share a few thoughts on how the upcoming storyline is going to find a way to build over what we have seen thus far, and present a story that is bigger and even more exciting. Want a few specifics? Well, we will do our best to oblige:

1. There will be more of a community feel, as the show is interested now in exploring all of the other survivors that could be out there.

2. The Governor is alive, and despite losing to Rick during this past battle, he is surely not going to be in a position where he gives up at all.

3. Rick will still be dealing with the ramifications of what Carl did at the end of season 3. Is he turning into an adult version of The Governor, or of someone who wants to fight for good? This is a question definitely worthy exploring.

4. Will Glenn and Maggie continue to be a beacon of hope through a difficult time, or will they become eventually swallowed up in the same coat of grief and despair as everyone else?

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Photo: AMC

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