The Blacklist season 10: Is this NBC’s schedule plan?

The Blacklist season 9 artWhat is NBC currently conjuring up when it comes to The Blacklist season 10? It makes sense to wonder, but recent events have us theorizing some things that we were not doing previously.

Let’s start off here by noting the following: We’re going to see the James Spader drama back on February 26, and we know already that there are 22 episodes coming this season. They way in which they air, however, remains to be seen. Are we really going to see this show stretch all the way into the summer?

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Based on what’s going on in the entertainment industry at large right now, we tend to think that the answer to this is a clear “no.” There is a chance at a writers’ strike starting this spring, and even beyond that other unions are in need of ne contracts moving into the summer. If things get shut down for a number of big productions, it would leave NBC fairly high and dry when it comes to scripted content for the fall. This is where The Blacklist could come into play. We anticipate that the network may want to save the second half of this season as a contingency, just in case they don’t have anything else to air at that time.

In the event that there is no strike across the industry in the summer, that could push the later part James Spader drama back for a little while — or, they could then consider the summer. At the moment, we imagine that NBC is going to want to maintain their flexibility for about as long as they possibly can with this and several other shows. These are uncertain times, but luckily The Blacklist could be done filming season 10 before a lot of that uncertainty comes into play.

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