Stranger Things season 5 premiere date: Do we need split season?

Stranger Things 4We obviously think that there’s a desire to see Stranger Things 5 on Netflix as soon as humanly possible. Of course, doing that will be tough!

There is a lot to consider at the moment when it comes to the show’s long-term future, and we should go ahead and start off by noting this: Production is not starting until at least May, if not early June. That period seems to be what we’ve heard from the most sources. This is a series that, as so many of you know, has an incredibly long filming window. That’s without even mentioning how long it takes to get everything together in post-production.

There has been a lot of conversation online already about a possible 2024 launch for the final episodes, but we are starting to wonder this: Is this possible without a split season? We have our doubts that over the next 23 months, we’re going to see the Duffer Brothers turn around a full season of a show this epic and with so much stuff still to come behind the scenes.

We tend to think that instead, the more likely situation is that we’re going to see season 5 air in two batches of around four and four, a little bit different than what we saw with season 4. We also wouldn’t be shocked if there was a longer break in between where the first half was late 2024 and the second spring 2025.

It is true that all of this is currently just conjecture, but we do have a pretty clear understanding as to why Netflix would do something like this at this point. They want to get content on the service to retain subscribers, and financially, it does benefit them more to not have the entirety of season 5 in one month. We can’t just ignore that.

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When do you think we are going to see Stranger Things season 5 premiere?

Do you think that a split season is needed to actually get the show at some point before 2024 wraps up? Be sure to share in the comments! Also, come back for other updates you don’t want to miss. (Photo: Netflix.)

This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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