Is Joe Mantegna leaving Criminal Minds: Evolution; will Rossi die?

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1Is Joe Mantegna leaving Criminal Minds: Evolution following the events of season 1 episode 9 on Paramount+? After the closing minutes, we would understand if you are a little bit worried about the fate of one David Rossi.

Let’s take a minute now to dive into a little bit of just what we saw. In the closing minutes of the episode, Elias Voit a.k.a. Sicarius managed to capture Rossi and record him via security camera. The last moment of the episode featured David pleading for help, and it’s seemingly up to the BAU now to 1) find him and 2) make sure that he’s a-okay in the end.

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Is there something more going on here? We tend to think so, mostly because we find it hard to believe that a guy like Rossi would ever have himself captured without a backup plan. Here’s our theory: When Rossi made Voit stop for a bathroom break, he planted some sort of tracking device on him. He could have shouted out his whereabouts to the camera in his makeshift prison, but chose not to. Why? He may be waiting for his team to uncover where Voit is located and doesn’t want to tip the UnSub off as to what he’s done.

We just think that, in general, that whole conversation about Elias being unimpressed by Rossi is meant as some sort of hint. If Sicarius is underestimating the FBI super-agent, that could be his demise … or at least that’s what we hope.

As for Mantegna’s status, we find it very hard to believe he’ll be leaving Criminal Minds: Evolution. Instead, we tend to think that Rossi will find his way out of this and continue to be a critical part of the show’s future. Still, we gotta wait and see what happens in the finale.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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