House of the Dragon season 2 premiere date: Familiar schedule?

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If you find yourselves excited already for House of the Dragon season 2 over at HBO, you are one of many. Yes, we recognize that the new season is most likely more than a year out, but there is room still to have a number of discussions.

For the sake of this article in particular, we want to focus in on the schedule. Or, to be specific, what the schedule could be — is the network looking to give us more of the same for season 2, or are they going to try and push the envelope a little bit?

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The one thing that will obviously be different is the time in which we see House of the Dragon back on the air. The premium-cable network should be handing you some new episodes in the spring or, at the very latest, early summer next year. We’ve seen no indication that we are facing some sort of two-year wait leading up to season 2. (More info on this should come later this year.)

What could be different, in theory, is how HBO airs said episodes. Will they double up on certain weeks, move the show from Sunday nights, or do anything else that could be considered a risk? Would they split up the season into halves in order to get the first part out there faster? We’re sure that the network thinks over a ton of different possibilities, but we have a hard time thinking that they are going to bite on any of this when it comes to House of the Dragon.

Why is that? Well, the simplest of answers is that they don’t really need to. They already have a successful show that works and because of that, they probably feel close to zero pressure to change the model. HBO has proven that there’s still something to be said for an episode a week over ten weeks with no timeslot changes or other weirdness. The content itself can be the selling point rather than some innovation.

Also, isn’t there some value in consistency? We’d honestly hate if HBO went to a binge-watching model with a show like this.

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How do you think HBO is going to air some House of the Dragon season 2 episodes?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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