‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The Power of Veto winner revealed

AndrewAfter an episode of “Big Brother Canada” Sunday night that was, to use the British term, complete bollocks, we do have to move forward. Luckily, the live feeds coming back on late Sunday night were a welcome source of relief, and we had an opportunity to dive back into the game in its purest form: people strategizing, and not having to decide on who to send out of the game without any discussion.

There was also a welcome treat revealed almost right away: the winner of the Power of Veto. As it turns out, Andrew managed to take home his second straight competition victory, and thus he now has the power to keep or change the nominations. At the end of the day, though, don’t expect him to do anything: he clearly knows now from Topaz’s discussion with the world that she wants him out of the game, and Gary is her #1 ally. As a matter of fact, Gary is a very significant threat to win this entire game, and has to be treated as such. He can win competitions, and is a far better social player than most people give him credit for.

With the aforementioned statement in mind, it seemed as though Gary is going to be the person to leave the house on Thursday night. There were rumors that Topaz had walked off the show for whatever reason, but she was seen in the house pretty quickly complaining to Gary. and they plotted about trying to get either Peter or Alec out soon. Topaz also got a little bit catty and said that Talla was not trying to flirt with Alec, and she could see her trying to start up a new showmance if he is to win Head of Household again.

What do you think about Andrew winning the Veto, and do you think he would make the right move in making sure Gary leaves? If you want to read our full review of Sunday’s episode, you can do so over here.

Photo: Slice

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