The Last of Us season 1 spoilers: Who is Melanie Lynskey playing?

The Last of Us season 1There are a few things to be excited about when it comes to The Last of Us season 1 episode 4 this weekend … so where do we start? How about with another big guest star!

Last night, we had the opportunity to see some award-worthy performances from Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett as Bill and Frank, two characters who loved each other and found a way to make life work following the cordyceps infection. Even after his death, Bill did still find a way to offer up supplies (and a surprising bit of hope) to Joel as he now works to transport Ellie out to Wyoming.

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As we move forward now, we’re going to see Yellowjackets star Melanie Lynskey surface for a pretty important part! There isn’t that much known about her character as of yet, save for the fact that her name is Kathleen and she’s involved with some sort of operation in Kansas City. That’s a clue that Joel and Ellie won’t be in Wyoming yet, but continue to be very much on their way. Kathleen is a new character created for the TV show, so she doesn’t have specific roots in the game like some other people we have run across so far.

Ultimately, consider last night’s episode and potentially this character as a reminder that sometimes, it’s okay to expand beyond source material! Known of this takes anything away from the PlayStation hit and instead, we tend to think that it only adds greater depth to everything we have a chance to see from start to finish here.

Based on what we’ve seen through the first few episodes…

We’d be shocked if Lynskey lasts more than an hour or two. Also, remember that she’s got another full time job! She may only have so much time in her schedule that she is able to contribute here.

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