‘Justified’ season 4 finale spoilers: A few more assorted hints

JustifiedThanks more or less to some other shows currently either premiering on Sunday night (“Game of Thrones”) or ending (“The Walking Dead”), the “Justified” finale on Tuesday night is almost flying a little bit under the radar at the moment. Will this change come 48 hours from now? Possibly, but we want to get off to at least a little bit of a head start.

According to SpoilerTV, the most important thing here to note is that there will be at least one death, but it is unclear as to whether or not it will be a major character, or someone who has appeared in just one or two episodes. Of course, we could see a few players gone along with a major character. You’ve been warned. The thing to remember here is that “Justified” finales don’t usually tie up with rainbows and sing-alongs, and you can say the same about thing about this one based on what is coming out now.

When it comes to the mob in Detroit, expect to see someone seize control of that, as well. While some seasons have been more of the traditional structure with a Big Bad and a storyline revolving heavily around trying to take them down, this one has been more focused on a simple power struggle between all of the characters. It has not always been an easy season to predict, but isn’t that in many ways a good thing? We’ve also seen what makes Raylan tick more than ever, and how Boyd and Ava can come together in the face of adversary.

How do you think this season of “Justified” will wrap up? If you want to see what Joelle Carter has to say about what could lie ahead for Ava, you can do so over here.

Photo: FX

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