Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 return date: The network’s plan

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1We don’t exactly think that it is some secret that everyone wants a Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 return date. How can you not? We are talking here about a hugely popular show with a loyal audience, so of course it would be nice to know more about the future soon!

From the moment that last episode aired on Paramount Network on January 1, they did make it clear that a long wait was coming — to be specific, we’ll be forced to stick it out until summer. They haven’t kept us in the dark, and that suggests that they do have some sort of larger plan. The question here, of course, is what precisely that plan is.

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If you’ve been following Yellowstone consistently over the years, then you are probably aware of how hard the network tends to push the show. It is the focus of multiple marathons throughout the year and even when those events aren’t happening, there are also repeats. This is really the show that put the network on the map, and there continues to be some irony that Yellowstone itself does not stream on Paramount+ and is on Peacock instead.

We do think it is the focus of Paramount Network right now to stay pretty quiet on the rest of Yellowstone season 5 and allow the cast and crew to work their magic as they finish the episodes over the next few months. They’ll still repeat the show, but that’s about it. All of that will change most likely in the spring, when we expect 1) a firm premiere date, 2) some teasers, and 3) some indication about the long-term future. That could be a formal renewal for season 6, or it could mean other news on the long-awaited 6666 spin-off show.

Rest assured, though, that the network is not going to be forgetting about Kevin Costner at any point in the near future. Yellowstone could end up being the focus of everything they do for quite some time.

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What do you think Paramount Network is planning for the rest of Yellowstone season 5?

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