‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ rankings: Omarosa sinks; Penn Jillette stays #1

OmarosaThere has been a theme that has emerged on “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” over the course of the past several weeks: why in the world is Omarosa not being brought back into the boardroom? We really don’t have any idea whether or not it is true that Donald Trump would have sent her home, but it is becoming clear now that she is on thin ice; and with that in mind, her status is slipping here on our rankings for the second week in a row.

As always, we’re judging these based on challenge performance, edit, star power, and of course the “Trump power” that keeps the Donald nice to you even when you contribute very little to the actual task.

10. Omarosa (last week: 9) – The irony here is that she probably functions better in real life than a number of people on this list, but a few off weeks are really starting to do her in here. Not only that, but she is going to have to deal with Piers Morgan moving forward, who surely wants nothing more at this point than to see her head straight out the door.

9. Gary Busey (10) – The advantage Gary has had as of late is that despite being labeled the “weakest” player (or “different,” as people keep telling him to keep him happy), his teams keep winning. So long as that happens, the bizarre acronyms and ideas will continue.

8. Dennis Rodman (8) – Clearly, Claudia Jordan tried to throw Dennis under the bus last week, and the truth here is that he’s not doing anything terribly wrong … but he’s also intentionally not bringing much to the table. It’s a good strategy for now, but eventually he is going to have to be project manager, and his flaws will come to the surface.

7. Stephen Baldwin (6) – Just by the virtue of his team, Baldwin may be in some true. After all, who do you get rid of after Gary is fired? Everyone else seems to be a pretty solid player at this point.

6. Brande Roderick (7) – Meanwhile, Brande has a slight advantage in that both Omarosa and Dennis are probably easier targets to fire over her, even if we can’t tell you anything major that she has actually done since the first task, where she raised a pretty good amount of money for her team.

5. Trace Adkins (4) – The danger for Trace is that he’s being moved to a new team with Omarosa on it, and if you go back to his season, switching teams did not end up working particularly well at all for Gene Simmons. We suspect that this ranking will rise soon, but we have to recognize the fact that had Marilu’s team lost last week, he would have probably been brought back to the boardroom.

4. Lisa Rinna (5) – Lisa’s floating under the radar beautifully right now, and has to be in consideration for this season’s most improved player. After all, she would’ve been called out on it had she done something wrong so far.

3. Lil Jon (2) – We can’t really penalize Lil Jon too much here for going back to the boardroom, since the executives from the last task thought he did absolutely nothing wrong. The only concern is if he gets stuck as PM and loses a task, does this mean that someone will be able to throw him under the bus? He’s not a big-time fighter, and may not get in the mix with Omarosa.

2. Marilu Henner (3) – Marilu is coming off a very good win as project manager, where she even got rave reviews from her team. We don’t know if she’s memorable enough for Trump to want to put her in the finale, but she is tracking well to the final four

1. Penn Jillette (1) – For the second straight week, it’s hard to argue against Penn. He’s been right on almost everything all season long, has limitless creativity, and even understands the creativity needed in this game more than previously. It’s not even going to take any magic tricks for him to get into the finale right now.

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