1923 season 1 episode 5 return date: The action worth waiting for

1923 season 1As some of you are probably aware at this point, we’ve been waiting for a good while to see 1923 season 1 episode 5 on Paramount+. Luckily, said wait is almost over! One week from today on February 5, we’re going to be able to dive back into the show’s fantastic Montana world.

Of course, we also are well-aware that the real reach of this story extends far beyond that. For a good part of the season, we’ve also seen Spencer Dutton and Alexandra in Africa and moving forward, they are going to make the perilous journey west. Let’s just say this isn’t so easy as jumping on a plane or anything else they’d be able to do in 2023.

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Interested to learn more about what lies ahead here? Let’s just say that moving forward, Spencer will face a number of struggles … but also question whether or not Alex will truly want to stay with him after everything that they’ve gone through.

Speaking on this further in a new interview with TV Insider, here is some of what Brandon Sklenar (who plays Spencer) had to say on the subject:

“That initial connection at the bar is to such a degree that he’s willing to put aside any sort of logical, rational thought and just lean into whatever that feeling is … I think over time, she does surprise him in how she is able to adapt because he’s constantly terrified that he’s going to get her killed. And that continues as the series progresses.

“At times, he thinks it might be best if she left, but at the same time, she gives him so much reason to live, to fight. She makes him stronger, which is the beauty of their relationship. She opens him up, and he becomes way more emotional and vulnerable and expressive, as you’d hope that a relationship on that level would do for you.”

We are 100% rooting for these two to make it through all of this and end up happy on the other side, but you also have to remember a few different things here. Take, for starters, the simple fact that this is a brutal world. Honestly, we’re afraid that the two of them won’t make it all the way to Montana together.

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