‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 finale spoilers: A small Andrea tease from Laurie Holden

Walking DeadGoing into Sunday night’s finale for “The Walking Dead,” there are a couple of simple things we know about the events that will transpire: at least one person is going to end up dead, and even of the people who do survive, we are not necessarily going to see all of them in happy circumstances.

We’ve labeled a number of people who are in our mind some of the biggest candidates to go off into the night, and Laurie Holden’s Andrea has to be near the top of the list. On many shows, you would think that everything that she has been through already this season would mean that there was some sort of comeback coming up; however, this is not an ordinary show, and we’ve learned time and time again that not every person really gets a chance to rise from the ashes.

Holden’s following comment to Us Weekly about the nature of this show as a whole certainly does not yield well to hopes that her character could be living to see another day:

“There are no happy endings … We all have a shelf life. We’re all expendable.”

In addition to her, some of the other characters we sense to be the most at risk during the finale are The Governor and Milton at Woodbury (since we know that there is going to be all sorts of war that breaks out there), along with also Hershel, since he is already pretty beat-up to begin with. We’d be majorly surprised to see Daryl go based on last week, or Tyreese given the fact that he hasn’t been used too much on the show just yet.

What do you think: is Andrea a prime candidate in your mind to be biting the dust? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can also head on over to the link here in order to read some more scoop on the finale from Dallas Roberts and Andrea Lincoln.

Photo: AMC

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