‘Psych’ episode 100 review: Did this ‘Clue’ tribute work for you?

PsychBack when “Psych” first started, the idea of it making it to 100 episodes was something that was just impossibly far away. We loved the show, but were not quite sure just how it would ultimately manage to get there. Luckily, it did, and what we received as a reward Wednesday night was a fun and surprise-laden tribute to the movie “Clue.”

From Martin Mull to Christopher Lloyd, we loved all of the callbacks to the movie in the episode. Not only that, but the case itself really mirrored the movie with some of the same sort of deaths. The other great thing about this? That there was still a major element of “Psych” to it, from Shawn inviting Gus after he’d already invited Juliet to come to the creepy mansion with him to “psychic” moments to Gus freaking out over a supposed chocolate room.

Probably the best part of this episode, though, came in the final ten minutes. Shawn’s perfect re-enactment of the crime was a perfect mirror to the film, where we saw the entire party run from one room to the next like a madman in order to try and figure the case out. (Plus, who didn’t love the Curt Smith cameo?)

Then, the ending was actually decided by the fans who, just like they did during a “Hawaii Five-0” earlier this season, decided what ending that they would want to see. For the east-coast feed of the show, the ending that we saw featured the butler ending up killing so many of the victims (and the almost-killing of Smith). It was a great move for the show, and it also reflected the film’s multiple-ending strategy.

Overall, what did you think about the show’s 100th episode, and did you love the twist with the ending? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can read even more when it comes to this episode by visiting the story over here.

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