‘Justified’ season 4, episode 12 review: The stage is set for the finale

JustifiedLast week on “Justified,” we had what was almost akin to someone smacking you in your face: it was loud, powerful, and you were immediately shocked that it happened. If we want to continue to use the metaphor of afflictions, this episode was more akin to a bug bite: it stings, and then stays there in the back of your mind until it gets better, or until it gets far worse.

Unfortunately, things for a few characters on this show are about to get far worse. Take for instance Winona, who is about to be in for a bad surprise when she learns that the “deliveryman” paying her a visit is actually Picker; or Boyd and Ava, whose only real option now involves digging back into their past.

The primary story this week was fairly small in scale compared to last time, but it was decidedly important to ensuring that Drew Thompson stayed inside: making sure that Ellen May was protected, and by people who would ensure that she did not have to continue to be on the run. This started in many ways an old-fashioned Raylan vs. Boyd chase, even though the latter more had Ava and Colt out trying to do the job, which was tough since the former didn’t have it in her heart to kill her.

The biggest gunfight of the night came between Tim and Colt, and we saw as a result the end of Colt as we know it. We loved the orchestration of this scene, from the cigarette line to even the way in which the shooting happened. Classic “Justified,” as as much of a modern-day Western as we could hope for.

So where do we go from here next week? We have a feeling that the mob is not done with Raylan just yet, which is great in that it means more Mike O’Malley for us to enjoy. Meanwhile, Boyd and Ava will have their own unfinished business to tackle. It’s been an offbeat season at times, but we stand by all of our statements that this season is television at its finest.

What did you think about this episode, and are you excited to see what happens next week? If you want to read some more “Justified” season 4 news, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: FX

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